Who we are 


Alexandra Arce von Herold

(Steering Committee member)

Costa Rica

Psychiatrist during the day, Alex is a nuclear disarmament activist connected with a number of organizations. She founded the IPPNW affiliate in Costa Rica and is a coordinator of Ban All Nukes generation. Her other affiliations include PNND and Wildfire.


Matt De Vlieger

(Steering Committee member)

UNited states/ Germany

Matt was the Communications and Organizing Coordinator for United for Peace and Justice, network of hundreds of peace and justice organizations around the U.S. and world. He was actively involved in the Peace & Planet mobilization in NY during the 2015 NPT Review Conference. Matt is based in Berlin, Germany.


Anna Ikeda


Japan / United States

Anna works part-time for the Soka Gakkai International (SGI)’s Office for UN Affairs in New York (remotely from Las Vegas), where her work focuses on peace and disarmament issues. She is also a PhD candidate at Division of Global Affairs, Rutgers University. When she is not working or studying, she teaches her son to be a peace activist.


Josie Parkhouse

(Co-chair) United Kingdom

Josie is a member of SGI UK with a deep interest in nuclear abolition. During college she founded a student club on nuclear abolition, and also interned at Nuclear Age Peace Foundation. She has earned MA in Global Politics and her dissertation was on the humanitarian approach to nuclear weapons and its relationship with deterrence. She currently works on social media for the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation and works part time for an MP in Parliament.


Pinar Temocin

(Steering Committee member) Turkey / Japan

Pinar is a PhD student at the University of Hiroshima, Japan, researching the capacity of citizen organizations to work effectively for peace and against nuclear weapons and energy. She has been involved in ICAN for over 3years.


Tessa Toms

(co-chair) India

Tessa has done her master’s in International Studies and Diplomacy at SOAS, University of London. She was involved in the project SCRAP- (The Strategic Concept for the Removal of Arms and Proliferation) at SOAS, through which she helped organize various conferences and meetings with diplomats to raise awareness and build alliance to promote general and complete disarmament. She is a Research Intern at the Centre for Land Warfare Studies at New Delhi and her work focus on ‘Contributions of Indian women in National Security’.


Nadja Schmidt

(Steering Committee member) Austria

Nadja is the executive director of ICAN Austria and CEO of the digital media agency Visuelles, with which she initiated digital diplomacy projects such as the Abolition Map and the Tweetmap - visualizing efforts in nuclear abolition. She organized the Civil Society Forum Vienna, is member of the UN NGO Committee on Peace and moderated the International Youth Summit for Nuclear Abolition in Hiroshima. Previously she worked for the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the University of Vienna.