Amplify derived from the “International Youth Summit for Nuclear Abolition” held in Hiroshima in August 2015 on the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The final day of the Summit was a public forum, where over 250 participants deepened their understanding of the issue, discussed what actions they can take in their own communities and heard from the UN Secretary General’s Envoy on Youth. The youth leaders also developed a Youth Pledge for Nuclear Abolition and a one-year action plan.

Based on the successful completion of the International Youth Summit for Nuclear Abolition and seeing the needs and desire from the participants to continue working together for our shared goal of nuclear abolition, “Amplify”, an international network of youth dedicated to nuclear abolition, was created.


What We've Achieved

  • Organized two international youth summits for nuclear abolition. 

  • Brought youth delegations to various international conferences and multilateral disarmament negotiations, including the Nuclear Ban Treaty Negotiations in 2017.

  • Advocated for youth participation in nuclear disarmament discussions.

  • Promoted the importance of peace and disarmament education.