Registration for the 2013 - 2014 PRIDE Troupe is open! 


We are teens making a difference, helping each other, working together in the community, choosing to be drug-free, and teaching other teens. The Troupe is comprised of high school students from all over St. Tammany Parish and the surrounding areas. These students work hard throughout the year to improve their schools and communities through community service projects and outreach events.  We believe that there are two main functions of the Troupe.  First, we encourage and educate high school students to serve as role models in the community by being strong leaders making good decisions such as being alcohol and drug-free. We participate in advocacy work to improve laws and policies regarding under-age drinking. Second, we provide a fun and exciting atmosphere for students from different schools to meet others who share similar beliefs. We organize and participate in many local community service projects. Some of our past socials and community events have included:   
  • Summer Beach Party                   
  • Halloween Costume Contests
  • 4th of July BYO Fireworks 
  • King Cake Party 
  • Cinco de Mayo Taco Party 
  • Tacky Christmas Sweater Party 
  • Dinner/Movie Nights 
  • Pajama Party 
  • 24 hour Lock-ins 
  • Swimming Party 
  • Weekend Picnics  
  • Skating Party 
  • Class Competition Field Day 
  • Laser Tag Party 
  • Hands That Touch Hearts at Christ Episcopal Church  
  • Three Rivers Art Festival
  • Painting the Parish Red 
  • Chili Cook-off
  • A Fashion Show to Remember 
  • Adopt-A Family 
  • Boo Festival 
  • Parking Lot Car Wash 
  • Madisonville Restoration Project 
  • Ultimate Tailgate Party      

One of the most exciting opportunities the Troupe has enjoyed includes some amazing conferences and trips traveling to such places as Disney World, Dallas TX, Memphis TN, St. Louis MI, Nashville TN, Gatlinburg TN, West Virginia, New York, Washington DC, London, and Paris.

Being a member of the Troupe will be like nothing you've ever experienced before! You will not only bond with others and make lifelong friends, but you will also become a part of something so much bigger...Be the change you wish to see in the world!    

The Four Pillars of Pride:

I. Drug Free Activities

The Troupe believes that it is important to provide fun, drug-free activities for our members, and we host recreational activities monthly. These events include holiday parties, lock-ins, and field days at Fontainebleau State Park.

II. Community Service

We focus on this through projects such as assisting at community events such as Three Rivers Art Festival, Ultimate Tailgate Party, and PA Days at various junior high schools and volunteering with organizations such as Adopt-A-Family during the holiday season.

III. Community Outreach

Each year, Amplify Youth performs multiple times. These performances are done for at community events, junior high schools, and conferences for SADD and MADD.  We also do community outreach projects during Red Ribbon Week, Kick Butts Day, the Great American Smoke-out, and host Drug Free Zones for Mardi Gras.

IV. Education

We believe that it is important for members to be educated about the new trends in drug use, how to help a friend who might be experimenting with drugs, and the harmful effects of various kinds of drugs. We also focus on teaching leadership, communication, and teamwork skills. This is the purpose of our meetings; the Amplify Youth leadership team plans and performs fun yet informative meetings twice a month for members to attend.

How active is Pride?

Members usually meet 2 times per month, and there will be about 5 - 10  performances throughout the year.  Some will be during school, and some may be at night or on the weekend. For public schools, absences for a performance are counted as a field trip, and students are allowed to make up their work. Private school policies vary; but at the least, students missing school for a performance are excused and are allowed to make up missed work. We usually hold a dress rehearsal the night before each performance at the performance location. We also try to have at least one recreational activity each month for members to attend.  In addition, we will be doing fundraisers and community service projects throughout the year.

What costs are involved?

The total fee for a basic membership is just $100 per year.  We will also have many other planned events that you may optionally choose to attend. Some of these events may involve a nominal fee, which will be explained to you before the event. The expenses are shown below so that you can see what the membership fee does and does not cover.


Retreat fee
Pride t-shirt and performance pants
Local Membership
All Bi-Monthly Troupe Meetings
Administrative Costs
Liability Insurance

Not Included:

Videos  (Retreat and End of the Year)
Awards / Recognition Banquet
Event T-Shirts
Social Events

We don’t want anyone to be excluded from PRIDE because of financial hardship.  If you would like to be a part of the Troupe and need assistance, please contact us. We will work with you on a payment plan or we will assist you in getting a scholarship for your membership fees.

What is my contract with the Troupe?

You will be required to sign a commitment to be a positive role model for the entire time you are in PRIDE.  This includes abstaining from drinking, smoking, other forms of tobacco, illegal drugs, illegal use of legal drugs, and any other mind-altering substance. Also, you are expected to refrain from inappropriate dress, language and disrespectful behavior.  In addition, you must maintain a good standing in the community. You must also commit to adhering to the attendance requirements and to always being a positive role model to others.  It is also your responsibility to report any violations you have seen or in which you have participated to the Troupe Leaders or administration. 

If you would like to be a member of The Troupe and can make the required commitments, then you should plan to attend the training retreat in July.  All of the details are below. 

If you can’t be at the main retreat because of a scheduling conflict, please plan to attend the makeup retreat on August 30th at St. Timothy's Church.

Training Retreat Information

Location: Fontainebleau State Park group cabins

Dates: You are to arrive on Monday, July 29th at 3:00pm, and we will stay until July 31st. The retreat ends with a dessert reception & Premiere Performance at Fontainebleau High School's auditorium. Family and friends are invited to attend.

Cost: This is included in the membership dues.

What to Bring: twin size bedding, toiletries, comfortable & appropriate clothes, white socks (for the performance) and a POSITIVE ATTITUDE!

On last night of the retreat, Amplify Youth will perform for the families of members, Amplify Board of Directors, and community leaders. We encourage all of the families to come on this night to see what everyone has learned during the retreat and will be performing throughout the year.  This is also a great opportunity for the parents to meet each other and meet the Amplify Board and leaders.  

Makeup Retreat Information

Location: St. Timothy's Church gym

Dates: You are to arrive on Friday, August 30th at 6:00, and you will leave the following morning at 11am. There will not be a performance following the retreat, but we are having a social for the Troupe and their families.

Cost: This is included in membership dues.

What to Bring: bedding (you will being sleeping on the gym floor so pack accordingly), toiletries, comfortable & appropriate clothes, and a POSITIVE ATTITUDE!

You will be notified by e-mail of your acceptance in Amplify along with medical forms and other necessary paperwork.  If you don't receive an e-mail, please contact us immediately at our office phone number: (985) 727-7710 or by e-mail at

We would like to thank you for inquiring about being a member of this exciting organization, and we hope to see you soon!

Congratulations To Our New 
Leadership Team of 2013-2014!

Rachel Higgins (Co-Troupe Leader)
Casey Johnson (Co-Troupe Leader)
Bridget Price
Kameron Newton
Victoria Roux
Hannah Beal
Sophia Gradishar

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